How Smoke Damage is Going to Effect the CA White Market Supply

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Here on the west coast, 2021 has been a record-breaking year of wildfires. In California alone, nearly 2 million acres have been destroyed. 

But how do these fires affect business? While the long term effects on our health is still under study, a few immediate impacts are probable predictions in the coming year for those of us in the cannabis industries.

Harmful Toxins in the White Market

Heavy metals and other harmful toxins from the remnants of these wildfires can spread through the air far beyond the immediate locations of the fires. With so much residue settling on this year’s crop, it is a likely scenario that many flowers won’t pass the lab test. And that is a problem for both the White and Black markets. Given the circumstances, it is probably in the best interest of consumers to purchase now in preparation for shortage in the near future.

Increased Supply in the Black Market

With White market supply down, this might problematically end up flushing through the Black market and inadvertently keeping it alive. 

Risk for Consumers

For those of us working legally within regulations, this could mean a luring away of consumers while for consumers, it could mean a host of pros and cons: cheaper prices, lower quality, safety and health concerns, and legal risk. 

Shortage in the White Market

With outdoor flowers most impacted from the wildfires, naturally we will see a shortage overall of supply and an increase in prices. Retailers will likely suffer the most from price fluxuations well into the spring of 2021 until July.